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In striving to honour the ethos of environmental consciousness, SEAL® produces a diverse range of bags and accessories made from highly sustainable tyre tubes sourced from large vehicles and trucks. As a brand, SEAL stands for good quality and high standards, and its 'handmade in Japan calibre' is evident in every product. Each SEAL item is carefully crafted by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen, making each product unique in both pattern and texture.


SEAL® focuses on making the best feasible use of tyre materials and on creating bag designs that reflect their brand’s unique character. Environmental impact, the volume of material needed, and its suitability for creating SEAL products were the motivating factors behind the company’s decision to use waste tyres and to invest in recycled tyre rubber on a regular basis.

There are three main manufacturing processes involved in SEAL’s production: salvage, cleaning, and sewing. From the time the material is first selected to the sale of the product, it takes about 18 months to put this manufacturing process in place. There is a significant difference in the product itself. When it comes to salvaged tyre tubes, about 10─20 % can be used for hand-sewing our bags,” a company spokesperson explains.

When it first launched in 2007, the SEAL brand had only a modest following. From these small beginnings, SEAL has gradually increased the number of its products launched onto the market, expanding to manufacture different types of bags.

“More and more people are now getting on board with recycled tyre tubes as a material for producing bags, recognising their strengths as a tough, reliable material,”  SEAL’s representative explains.

SEAL’s products are all highly original, one-of-a-kind items. The company believes that design, functionality, quality, and price are important considerations for goods manufacturers that, when done right, can help protect the environment in the long term."

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