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Depending on the product's area of use, Rubber Hall's content is divided into four categories: Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, and Society. Together, the aim is to enlighten, spread knowledge, and ignite curiosity about recycled tyre material and its possibilities across various fields. 


A significant shift towards greater sustainability is taking place within communities and businesses alike, particularly within the construction and real estate industries. As positive as this revolution is, agreeing on just what defines sustainable construction has proven to be a challenge. One sustainability factor that many industry stakeholders can agree on is the importance of choosing the right materials. Recycled tyre rubber really stands out from the crowd in this regard. Given its resistance to temperature variations and UV light and good insulation and drainage properties, recycled tyre rubber is a first-rate construction material with good potential for contributing to sustainable spatial planning.

This page showcases architecture that makes use of recycled tyre rubber in creating unique and fascinating buildings.


As part of the shift towards sustainable living, we increasingly choose to decorate our homes with sustainability considerations in mind. Designers and creators are progressively adapting their services to meet consumers’ sustainability goals while maintaining their focus on delivering high-quality products.

In light of this shift, recycled tyre rubber is attracting more and more attention as a useful and sustainable design material. Apart from its good availability, which reduces the need to manufacture new rubber, it is tyre rubber’s durable, resilient and elastic properties that have inspired interest in the material. These properties open the door to new design opportunities and are useful in developing products for both indoor and outdoor environments.

This page showcases creators from around the world who have made either full or partial use of recycled tyre rubber in developing sustainable products for our homes.


The fashion industry has long been a leading advocate of the transition to sustainable living. So much so that it is now more common than not for clothing manufacturers to produce and consumers to wear garments made from recycled materials. Not only that, as time goes by, more and more raw materials are emerging as potential recyclables. The fashion industry has been quick to recognise recycled tyre rubber’s advantages, putting its durable, resilient and elastic properties to good use in shoes, bags and accessories, in particular.

This page showcases designers who have invested in recycled tyre rubber in creating sustainable, everyday fashion.


The recycled tyre material, in its original function, served as a foundation for society and its infrastructure. However, what is fascinating is that after the tyre has completed its journey on the road, thanks to its exceptional inherent properties, it has the ability to contribute to the continued development and construction of other areas within society. The areas presented in Rubber Hall include products like rubber concrete, rubber asphalt, and traffic pole cladding.

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