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The idea that a material can be used over and over again in different forms and for different purposes is fascinating on many levels. Tyre rubber – a familiar material with hidden talents – is a prime example. When used correctly from health, safety and environmental standpoints, recycled tyre rubber is an outstanding material suitable for an almost endless range of applications. In fact, as a component in fashion items, interior decorating pieces and architecture, tyre rubber plays an even more common and practical role in our everyday lives than you might realise.

Rubber Hall aims to shine a spotlight on this modern, sustainable material by promoting awareness of and interest in its often-surprising capabilities. The hope is to inspire new and creative ideas by highlighting its positive, unique qualities,

To this end, Rubber Hall brings together designers and creators from all over the world to showcase their designs and investments in recycled tyre rubber as an innovative design material.


You can think of Rubber Hall as a digital art gallery open to everyone, everywhere, at any time. Ultimately, the ambition is to make Rubber Hall a renowned exhibition space for architecture and products created in whole or in part from recycled tyre rubber.

Welcome to discover!

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