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Discover the possibilities of recycled tyre rubber at Rubber Hall, an inspirational platform showcasing finished products crafted from this versatile material. Explore the curated collection of products, each a testament to the ingenuity and sustainability of recycled tyre rubber.


Across the world, the material is used in design and construction materials, yet, overall, it remains relatively unknown. The platform brings together designers who have to various degrees used recycled tyre material to craft creations in areas ranging from society and architecture to interior design and fashion. Together, they have established a place for inspiration, curiosity, and creativity, along with an opportunity to highlight that many of the material’s applications are reflected in our daily lives in a more natural way than is known. 

When used correctly, considering health, safety, and environmental factors, it emerges as an exceptional material suitable for a wide range of applications. It is a versatile substance that effortlessly adapts to various roles, showcasing its understated flexibility which speaks volumes in acknowledging sustainable innovation. Embrace the strength of a material that transitions between functions, shedding light on its unexplored potential in sustainable innovation. 


Rubber Hall invites individuals to a space to observe, reflect, and be inspired, but above all, to gain new perspectives. So, whether you seek ready-made items or begin your own design journey, Rubber Hall guides you through each step of it. 



Welcome to join and discover!

Rubber Hall is initated and runned by the extended producer responsibility organisation  Swedish Tyre Recycling. 


Curious to know more about us or the material? 

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