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Unlock the potential of recycled tyre rubber, a material that seamlessly adapts to diverse roles. Its silent versatility speaks volumes, a nod to sustainable innovation, simply a material with hidden talents. 


Rubber Hall aims to shine a spotlight on this versatile material promoting awareness of and interest in its often-surprising capabilities. The platform brings together designers and creators who have fully or partially integrated recycled tyre material to craft creations in areas ranging from society and architecture to interior design and fashion. Together, they have established a place for inspiration, curiosity, and creativity, along with an opportunity to highlight that many of the material’s applications are reflected in our daily lives in a more natural way than is known. Rubber Hall invites individuals to a space to observe, reflect, and be inspired, but above all, to gain new perspectives. And also, to inspire new and creative ideas by highlighting its positive, distinctive qualities.

When used correctly, considering health, safety, and environmental considerations it emerges as an exceptional material suitable for a wide range of applications. And the interest, curiosity and fascination are just growing. Often, this revolves around unexpected innovative possibilities that the material in its recycled forms presents. Across the world, the material is used in design and construction materials, yet, overall, it remains relatively unknown.

Rubber Hall currently consists of a dozen creators from around the world and welcomes additional innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, creators, artists, and student, among others, to showcase their products and creations on the platform.

Welcome to join and discover!

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