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Rubber Concrete

An innovative material, rubber concrete, is gaining impact in the market by blending concrete with recycled tyres. This composite, though an unlikely pairing due to the disparity in their inherent properties, is being actively developed through various international initiatives, offering concrete a range of new and desirable characteristics.

Rubber concrete /  True North

Recycled rubber from tyres presents several advantages for this innovative material. Unlike traditional concrete, rubber provides insulation, lending itself to better thermal properties. Additionally, it boasts lightness and resilience, with up to 2% elasticity. This unique blend of attributes makes rubber concrete adept at drainage, sound dampening, shock absorption, and vibration attenuation. Remarkably, it maintains comparable compressive strength to traditional concrete while offering the added benefit of water absorption and drainage capabilities.

The lightweight nature of rubber concrete not only reduces environmental impacts during transportation and handling but also conserves materials. Processed forms of worn-out tyres, such as granules and fine shreds (<25 mm), are seamlessly integrated into the mixture, enhancing sustainability while minimizing waste.

One notable application of rubber concrete is in equestrian sports, where its properties offer significant advantages for stable walls and horse-riding surfaces. Compared to conventional concrete, stable walls made from rubber concrete weigh approximately 50% less, providing a safer environment for horses. The material's superior grip minimizes the risk of slipping, while its shock-absorbing qualities enable horses to kick without injury.

In Sweden, Rubber Concrete AB pioneers the use of rubber granules and fine shreds (20 mm) in concrete, reducing its weight to just 45% of traditional concrete while maintaining comparable strength. This innovation not only extends the lifespan of tyres, originally designed for a specific purpose, but also repurposes them for a new and sustainable application.

In summary, rubber concrete exemplifies the transformative power of repurposing materials, offering a compelling solution that combines environmental sustainability with functional versatility.

Rubber concrete /  True North
Rubber concrete /  True North
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