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Innovative Danish interior-design brand Muubs focuses on producing and showcasing elegant, unique, and sustainable designs made from raw, natural materials. In honour of Scandinavian design's rustic aesthetic, Muubs created Dacarr by Muubs – a series of products made from 100% recycled truck, car, and bicycle tyres. Muubs explains the concept behind their new series this way:

“We recycle rubber to make new products […]. Objects that have completed their lifecycles can now take on a completely different role in our lives, thus extending the life of the material”. 

Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Muubs' designers are dedicated to genuine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and durable design. They advocate for a minimalistic lifestyle centered around a few high-quality design pieces for the home that embody timeless, functional, and visually appealing design. Finding beauty in imperfection involves accepting and admiring the natural cycle of growth and decay while seeking life's essential elements, explains a representative for Muubs' designers.

The Dacarr by Muubs series, comprising baskets of various sizes crafted entirely from recycled tyre rubber, aligns well with the brand's broader commitment to authenticity, soulfulness, and a grounded feel in our homes and daily lives. Muubs explains that using recycled tyre rubber as the series' design material allows end-users to recycle their products at local recycling centres, where rubber has its own recycling category. The rubber is granulated with other discarded tyres and recycled into new products.

Muubs' creations honour the pared-back aesthetic of Scandinavian design, believing that rubber complements this style well as a design material.

The Dacarr series made from recycled tyres embodies robust design. Each product in the series is suitable for year-round use, indoors or outdoors, due to the elastic rubber material's resistance to frost damage. This practical characteristic, along with the items' design and their contribution to environmental conservation, are key factors behind the success of Dacarr by Muubs, concludes a Muubs spokesperson on behalf of the company.

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