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Interested in the material?

Rubber Hall demonstrates the potential of the material across various applications, from infrastructure to interior design. If you are interested in learning more about the material and exploring its uses, please contact us.

Bon Orbit - Raw material supplier 

This fall, 2024, the raw material supplier Bon Orbit will be launched. Bon Orbit is a specialized raw material supplier that produces unique rubber fractions with properties tailored for specific applications. The company works closely with customers to contribute to their value creation. Materials are sorted, customized, and tested based on the properties that customers demand.


Tyres are not just tyres; depending on the type of tyre and which part of the tyre is used, different materials and properties can be extracted. This is what makes tyre rubber unique in many ways, a material that is perfectly suited for Repurposed Performance.


The materials – rubber, steel, and textiles – that Bon Orbit markets have qualities and properties that can enhance functionality and performance in various applications. These can range from integrating the material into everyday products and functional surfaces to construction materials. Bon Orbit delivers an existing material as a new raw material, providing the same sustainable function as other materials while helping the planet balance the current over-extraction of new materials. 

See you soon! 

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