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The journey of Indosole emerged from a fortunate mishap when founder Kyle Parson found himself barefoot in Seminyak after his sandals broke during his Bali trip in 2004. When Kyle’s sandals broke, he ingeniously fashioned a new pair using old tyres. Little did he know that this experience would ignite his passion and lead to the birth of Indosole, a brand that stands out for its fusion of innovation, creativity, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

In 2014, Indosole registered as a B Corporation further solidifying their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Collaborating with talented artisans in Indonesia allowed Indosole to refine their product and learn the intricate art of working with tyres, which involved both failures and triumphs.

Between 2017 and 2021, Indosole faced growing demand, leading them to reevaluate their processes and focus on scalability and environmental impact. Their aim was to utilize 100 percent of each tyre while creating “The Perfect Sandal”. This endeavor involved two years of intense effort, during which they re-engineered their SETT tyre process and developed the ESSNTLS sandal line. The result is a sandal that is not only economically viable but also environmentally friendly, with all sourcing and manufacturing taking place in Indonesia.

As of 2022, Indosole has expanded its distribution to over 30 countries worldwide and is continuing to grow in Southest Asia. With three shops in Bali and an HQ in Canggu, they strive to encourage people to think more deeply about environmentalism while making it an enjoyable experience.

 “We believe that if a pair of Indosole sandals can raise consumer awareness about responsible purchasing choices in their daily lives, then we are fulfilling our purpose”, - Indosole.

In Indonesia alone, 60 percent of discarded tyres are collected by factories, only to be burned. Indosole addressed this issue and highlight the fact that every tyre has a unique story, waiting to be continued from a different perspective. Indosole recycles these virtually indestructible tyres and transforms them into durable soles, making their footwear one of the most long-lasting options available. Indosole strives to become the world’s most responsible footwear company that produces high-quality, eco-friendly footwear for travel, adventure, and lifestyle.

“Working with recycled tyre rubber presents numerous rewards in the realm of recycling. This durable material can be shredded and repurposed into a wide range of new products, making it ideal for companies like Indosole that prioritize sustainability. The necessity of working with recycled materials fosters creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of product development and inspiring the creation of remarkable items” – Indosole.  

The creation process of Indosole follows a timeline from inception to the final product. Officially launching in 2009, Indosole sandals were handcrafted with care, using an organic process that incorporated motorbike tyres as soles, all within Bali itself. The supply chain was localized, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint.

In 2010, Deus Ex Machina became Indosole’s first local retail partner, and over the years, they are meticulously handmade 10,000-15,000 pairs of sandals annually. Imperfections were embraced as part of the brand’s charm.

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