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Gustav Winsth - "DIO" 

Gustav Winsth, a freelance designer based in Stockholm, is known for his exploration of contemporary aesthetics often through the lens of radical design. His possessions have consistently undergone a process of customisation.  Using techniques such as painting, adding stickers, and modifying components, he has strived to imbue them with a unique, bold identity. His design practice naturally reflects this inclination, and with his mechanical engineering background, he draws inspiration from various manufacturing methods and materials, shaping them to convey his distinctive artistic language through customization.


Gustav studied at the Stockholm-based design school, Beckman College of Design. For his examination project, he created the "DIO" shelf, a result of an exploration of sneakers aesthetics concerning shapes, materials, and the underlying subcultures that form its foundation. The "DIO" shelf departs from contemporary minimalism and establishes a radically contemporary expression through the geometric shapes of the feet. The shapes are crafted from recycled rubber granulate and the rest from anodized aluminum. 

"My work draws a lot of inspiration from the world of fashion and contemporary or future architecture, with a specific material or manufacturing technique often serving as the starting point"

- Gustav Winsth in the Swedish magazine Elle Decoration

"DIO has emulated and expanded upon the positive trend of incorporating a portion of granulated waste material when casting the sole of a sneaker. By using recycled rubber granulate as the primary material for casting complex geometries and exposing the raw waste, value is created within a climate-smart aesthetic. The wild and daring aesthetic of sneakers inspires thoughts about volume, color, and material. When applied to a piece of furniture, it falls into the expressive category, which I consider crucial when creating an inspiring and personal home environment." - Gustav Winst

The rubber granulate Gustav used is not from recycled tyre rubber, but his creation can, in practive, be made with granulate derived from recycled tyre material. 

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