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In 1999, Henry Kamphuis founded G.E.M., the manufacturer behind Euroshield® Recycled Rubber Roofing Products. His vision? To address the issue of discarded tyres filling landfills by introducing an environmentally friendly solution. After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Kamphuis succeeded in developing Euroshield, an exceptionally durable and authentically designed green roofing system crafted from recycled rubber. 

Today, Euroshield remains at the forefront of sustainable roofing solutions. Crafted from 95 percent recycled material, specially repurposed rubber tyres, Euroshield roofs offer homeowners a robust and eco-conscious option for safeguarding their residences.

What sets Euroshield apart from traditional roofing alternatives? Primarily, Euroshield roofs offer remarkable durability with minimal maintenance requirements, delivering homeowners lasting peace of mind and investment protection. Additionally, these roofs exhibit resistance to hail, potentially leading to reduced insurance premiums and long-term cost savings.

Euroshield’s commitment to quality is evident in their comprehensive transferable warranties, providing homeowners with additional confidence in the reliability of their roofs. With a strong focus on soundproofing and insulation, Euroshield roofs not only offer superior protection but also enhance comfort and tranquillity within the home.

Euroshield products were specially designed to withstand extreme weather impacts and temperature variances that cause splitting, peeling, cracking, and rotting – undesirable characteristics associated with aging of other roofing systems. The reverse side of each Euroshield panel features small cubical chambers designed to ensure structural integrity. These cubicles trap air, creating an effective insulation barrier that can reduce energy use in warmer climates. An added benefit of this design is its sound-insulation qualities.

Euroshield is deeply committed to offering sustainable roofing solutions that enhance property value while minimizing environmental impact. By repurposing materials that would otherwise contribute to waste accumulation, Eurpshield aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly construction practices.

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