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Creators at Rubber Hall 

The inspiration platform Rubber Hall aims to enlighten, spread knowledge, and kindle curiosity about recycled tyre material and its possibilities across various fields, from society and architecture to fashion and interior design. The platform comprises over a dozen creators who have fully or partially incorporated recycled tyre rubber into their products. Together, they create a space of curiosity and infinite possibilities!


Here you can peruse all the creators. Rubber Hall has opted to categorise the creators' creations into different categories. At present, we have Architecture, Society, Interior, and Fashion.

Bruns Architecture 

Euroshield Roofing

Slash Objects 

Ammar Kalo 


Neutra Atelier 

Bon Eco Design 

Hugs & Co 

SEAL International 


Rubber Concrete

Rubber Asphalt

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Rubber Hall if you'd like to recommend any creators or designers who have fully or partially utilized recycled tyre rubber in their design process. You can also contact us with suggestions for creations that haven't been made from recycled tyres but rather from other rubber materials.

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