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The story behind “ReFlow” by Minarc is rooted in their strong commitment to the environment and their constant pursuit of repurposing old materials. They take pride in their sustainable approach, which is evident in the materials they choose, ranging from reclaimed wood to recycled glass and rubber tyres to cement panels. Minarcs recent designs, the ReFlow sink, exemplifies this ethos by enabling the reuse of water. It repurposes greywater from handwashing to flush the toilet, allowing for the conversation of water while utilizing a single plumbing system.

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When it comes to the choice of tyre rubber as one of the materials, it was a clear decision from the beginning for the founders. Recognizing the significant waste generated discarded tyres and the lack of proper recycling options, they sought innovative design solutions. The concept of using a rubber sheet stretched over a base frame and anchored by the drain resonated with their design philosophy and aligned perfectly with their environmental goals.

"The creation process has been a journey of trial and error. We are constantly seeking ways to further develop and improve the functionality of the products we create. This iterative process ensures that our designs meet the highest standards of innovation, sustainability, and practically" - Minarc


The reactions to presenting the material have been overwhelmingly positive. Minarc are proud to have received numerous recognitions and accolades that acknowledge the design excellence of ReFlow. The support they have received from the community inspires them to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable practices and product development.


Customer reactions have also been very encouraging. As we design on a custom basis, clients who incorporate the ReFlow sink in their powder rooms and primary bathrooms are thrilled to share their experiences. People appreciate the functionality and practicality of the design, and it sparks conversations about the importance of water conservation. Minarc's goal is to inspire homeowners to adapt their living spaces to align with the needs of our world and to foster a deeper understanding of sustainable practices.


"For those considering using recycled tyre rubber or any other material, we recommend exploring new possibilities and pushing beyond your comfort zone. Embrace the potential of different materials and be open to the magic that unfolds. You may be pleasantly surprised by the innovative solutions that arise" - Minarc

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