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h220430 - Rubber Stool 

Rubber has a long history of use in various fields, yet despite efforts to promote the use of recycled rubber, progress has been limited. With this in mind, the design studio h220430 created a stool crafted from recycled tyre rubber. The stool features a simple structure achieved by bending a single sheet of rubber and bolting the legs in place.

The elasticity of the rubber provides a comfortable cushion, and its ability to be rolled up allows for easy storage in small spaces. The design studio also highlights the material’s durability, though they encountered challenges when attempting to use recycled rubber with a higher mixing ratio, as it compromised strength and flexibility. 

The development process took approximately a year, involving multiple rounds of prototyping and testing. The studio received attention from various media outlets, raising awareness about the environmental impact of rubber.


“We hope that widespread use of recycled rubber will lower costs and improve material quality. Increase opportunities for its use will ultimately reduce environmental impact” - h220430 

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