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Gallery of Tyre Art 

Only imagination and hard work set the limits for what the tyre can continue to live its life as. Whether as a new bag, building material, a sole for summer sandals, or as facade tiles - or as art.

It's not uncommon at all for artists to have used this material to create spectacular sculptures and artworks. Therefore, we dedicate this page to highlighting specifically those artists who have used the material to create art and sculptures rarely seen before.

Jason Peters 

"I set up a situation where nothing is as it seems, and our notions of reality are exposed as mere assumptions, based on perceptions and experiences that may or may not bear any actual relationship to how the world works. Instead, I invite the viewer to suspend their experience and enter into a world where the mind is allowed free rein, even as the body remains constrained by the laws of gravity and the sometimes perceptually imperceptible limits that contain it." - Jason Peters 

Carolyn Butts 

Carolyn Butts, an art, and design visionary founded her eponymous company in 2005, alongside designer Hans Honegger. The pivotal moment for Butts’ journey occurred in 1989, Carolyn meticulously sources specific tyres from repair garages and landfills, transforming them into art and design pieces after thorough cleaning and cutting. Butts’ designs often evoke astonishment, with many finding it hard to believe that they are crafted from used tyres. While the aesthetic of tyres may pose a challenge for some, Butts views her designs as a harbinger of a future where manufacturing with waste products becomes commonplace.

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