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Stephen Bruns founded Bruns Architecture in 2008 with a singular aim: to create pure, meaningful designs that manifest as meticulously crafted structures. Through attentive listening, rigorous research, cultivating strong relationships, and embracing innovative thinking, Bruns Architecture endeavours to enhance their spatial environments, delivering considerate, sustainable, and enduring architecture.


Several years ago, Bruns encountered recycled tyre rubber as a construction material and, appreciating its benefits, chose to integrate this innovative material into their projects. The architectural firm has notably utilised recycled tyre rubber as roofing material, while also employing synthetic slate tiles made from the same material for their exteriors.

Several of Bruns Architecture’s projects have reaped the rewards of utilising recycled tyre rubber as a roofing material, with their exteriors adorned in synthetic slate tiles crafted from the same material. What initially sparked the firm’s interest in this unconventional material? Its distinctive texture was certainly one key factor. 

” What we liked most about the material was its unique texture, since these were tiled applications. That and the silvery shimmer it generates when the light reflects off its black surface, which creates a mosaic effect. Of course, as a roofing material, we also appreciated the durability it offers on the vertical surface too.  It’s a very easy material to work with, since you can install it much like you would any slate or cedar shake roof.”  

Recycled tyre rubber has garnered highly positive feedback from clients of Bruns Architecture. The firm now keeps samples in their studio to integrate with other materials, showcasing comprehensive palettes used in their projects. Each project at Bruns Architecture receives meticulous attention, with the firm fostering close relationships with clients to understand their lifestyles and professional environments. Investing time to grasp clients' needs, aspirations, and visions is a fundamental aspect of Bruns' design approach.

“Through this process of discovery, we distil the essence of the project. The resulting vision becomes an invaluable tool that guides the design and construction process. We believe our holistic approach is what sets us apart,” 

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